Sweet Temptations in Madrid

A city is known not only for its museums, monuments or great savory dishes, but also by tasting its most typical desserts.

The morning sunrays were caressing my tired face. I opened my eyes slowly, taking a glimpse look around me when I suddenly heard the pilot’s announcement ‘’Bienvenidos a Madrid’’. Ah, Madrid. I am already here. On the seat next to me I could feel the man’s impatience for finally landing. He kept bouncing his leg until the plane didn’t stop completely while drinking his water quickly.

Around 8 am when we landed at the airport, my mood for sprinkles and a sugar cone was on already and I wondered what could help my sweet tooth at that moment. The uber was already waiting for me, so the quick decision was ‘’Let’s taste what Madrid has to offer’’.

Madrid has its secrets and its typical sweets. And trying them is a sweet way to get to know a little about the city’s culture and take a little of its land in your suitcase.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that eating sweets makes us happier, so if you feel like giving yourself a shot of happiness in Madrid, these are only few among all the places you can visit during your trip.

La Mallorquina Cake shop

In Madrid everything starts from the so famous public square – Puerta del Sol. Right in the heart of it is the cake shop La Mallorquina, where you will find your perfect sugary breakfast. It is quite difficult to make the right choice, but I decided to start with the Crown of Almudena (Corona de la Almudena) – a dessert filled with cream or truffle which for sure made the start of my day really pleasant and sweet! The shop also has a great view on the public square and that is a plus!

San Miguel Market

After leaving Puerta del Sol and walking through one of the biggest streets Calle Mayor, you will meet with this amazing place where you can get a taste of the many sweet flavors Madrid has. For ‘’foodies’’ it is the perfect spot. It reinforces its culinary appeal, after 10 years of activity, including Michelin Star chefs and without abandoning the essence of traditional markets.

Lively vibe, cool atmosphere and a full stomach is what this market offers to its visitors. From fruits to desserts and everything in between. Enjoying local beers and wine while wandering around and sampling various sweets.

Found of an almost infinite variety: chocolate dipped, with strawberry, lemon, apricot glazes, I couldn’t let myself get carried away by the Rosquillas (puff-pastry doughnuts), because I still had more desserts to sample ahead!

San Gines Chocolate shop

Madrid and chocolate with churros – that binomial works well. Eating churros with chocolate is one of the points of any visit to Madrid that boasts. A kind of ritual that becomes an obligatory routine every time steps, or scales, take us to the capital of Spain. And then the question arises: Where can you find the best chocolate with churros in Madrid? There are hundreds of places. But there are some places that are, in themselves, a whole institution in this matter of churros, which in Madrid are a very serious thing… And very delicious.

Chocolateria San Gines Madrid

From the other side of Calle Mayor, somewhere in the passages, the San Ginés chocolate shop is hidden. A symbol of the city that serves one of the best chocolates with churros. A heaven for chocolate lovers, indeed!

Los Galayos Restaurant

And after walking all day you will want to rest and relax a bit before the night comes. Plaza Mayor which is the historical part of Madrid offers great early evening restaurants to relax. Such an example is the Los Galayos Restaurant which has retained old world charm in its décor and service. Enjoying the last few hours of sunlight with a good company, wine and Galayos Apple Tart with Vanilla Sauce is all we need to quickly ease our minds!